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Map of Olmsted County Districy 5

Where is District 5?

District 5 includes much of Northwest Rochester and all of Byron.  The southern border mainly follows along Hwy 14 and the northern border mainly along 75th St., from the county line east to West Circle Drive and portions of Hwy 52.

What services does the county provide?

For foster care, adoption, veterans, disabilities, homelessness, etc.

Food, medical, energy, rental assistance, etc.

Law enforcement, courts, crime prevention, victim services, etc.

Mental health, WIC nutrition, chemical dependency, garbage, recycling, parks, etc.

Assessments, construction, transportation, building, well and septic, etc.

Certificates, passports, licenses, permits, etc. 

Voter registration, election judge, campaign results, etc.

Oxbow park, Chester Woods, Root River Park, History Center, trails, camping, fishing, etc.