Thank you to the Leauge of Women Voters, the Post Bulletin, Rochester Public Library, and Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce for hosting the Candidate Forum.  I appreciated the chance to voice my policies and stance on some of the issues facing our communities.

Question: What are the impacts of the DMC on the county residents and the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed projects?





Question: What do you see as the best potential use for the Seneca Food site property?





Question: As a commissioner, what steps would you take to continue to support local businesses, strengthen the local economy, and provide additional relief to local businesses?


Question: Should the County’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority use a portion of its levy to establish a year-round homeless shelter?

Question: How do you plan to involve your constituents, the youth of the county, and neighborhood associations to inform your decision making?



LWV Candidate Forum Clips

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